Women On A Mission

Come Join us at The Fitness Connection

This challenge begins on April 30th and ends on June 6th.  Just in time to put on those bikini’s!

Do you want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Tone Up
  • Have more energy
  • Feel better overall
  • Live a healthier lifestyle
  • Learn how to enjoy life while achieving your fitness goals
  • Get Stronger
  • Live Longer
  • Be a healthy role model for your children
  • Lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease etc.
  • Make a change


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Maybe you started off the New Year with all intentions of making 2018 your best year yet. Well, we understand life happens and sometimes you fall off the wagon. With Spring here and summer quickly approaching now is your chance to jump back into a good fitness routine!  

April 30th will start the Women on a Mission 6 week Challenge with The Fitness Connection. Not only will you have accountability and support, you will also have access to four certified personal trainers that are motivated to help you reach your goals.

The challenge DOES NOT include a cookie cutter nutrition and workout plan. The Women on a Mission 6 Week Challenge WILL provide you with Meal Planning building blocks that help you create a healthy lifestyle rather than an unhealthy cycle of restricting and binging. As females we are well aware how challenging changing our bodies can be and we believe a flexible lifestyle and exercise is the best way to make it happen!

To begin your healthy lifestyle journey Click here to sign up now

If you are not currently a member of TFC  no worries…   you will have access to ANY three awesome classes that we offer (excludes rowing). You will be able to pick days, times AND classes that you would like to attend. This ensures that anyone’s schedule can be met and there is a class that suits you. At TFC we are a boutique style fitness center that offers unique, fun and creative classes that our talented trainers can modify so everyone feels welcome and comfortable (see schedule).

Besides an awesome nutritional guide, grocery list and killer workouts you will also have access to a private facebook page where we will be posting daily challenges, workouts and motivation. Every Thursday one of the trainers at TFC will be doing a LIVE video covering certain topics to help you succeed.

Every participant will receive a tank top, access to the private facebook page, three classes a week (or unlimited if you are a current client or wish to join our monthly membership), grocery list, meal planning guide and building blocks as well as a lifetime of happiness and fitness success. Each week there will be giveaways which you can find on the facebook page and at the completion of the challenge there will be a party at TFC to celebrate you and your success!

Whether you are currently a member at TFC or plan on joining us we will be doing weigh ins and measurements every Thursday afternoon from 4pm- 7pm at the studio.

Time To Meet Your Trainers!


These 4 women will help you get the results you are looking for.  Join us for this 6 Week Challenge. 

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