Your Journey ~ Your Destination


The Fitness Connection would like to congratulate everyone out there who has set out on a path to change their lives by creating a healthier way of living.  We know how difficult that journey can sometimes be, however  it is also very rewarding adventure for each of you.


  Everyone’s path and journey to better health is different.  Perhaps you have experienced significant weight loss, or maybe you have lowered your blood sugar, or your blood pressure.  For some of you maybe moving around was an effort and you were very weak, now you can climb stairs 2 at a time.  Whatever it is that you have accomplished on this pathway to better health, we congratulate you.


To honor everyone out there who didn’t just “diet” but who has crated a healthy lifestyle for themselves.  Between now and September 6th, send us a before and after picture and a few paragraphs about;


Who you are now, who you were then.

Why you made the decision to  change your lifestyle?

How you did it?  

Did you have help/support?  If so from whom?

Also, please include your Name, Phone number, Age, and Address.  

Send all this information to


We will post your bio, your first name and your before and after pictures on our website!

If you know of someone who has made great accomplishments, send us the info above!

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