March Member of the Month


How long a member:   Jan 2015

Favorite Class:  Weight  Warriors 101


I’ve always been physically active – from playing some type of extracurricular or school sport as far back as I can remember or simply enjoying the outdoors.  However,  I have found that as I am getting older, physical fitness has become more of focal point in my life.  Trying to find an exercise routine that is structured BUT not routine and provides a variety of different strength training, abdominal, and cardio exercises has been a challenge.  Plus I now need help with nutrition tracking and weight management –yep, that’s right, I can’t eat like I use to when I was so physically active in my younger years!  (Grrr!)   Then along came TFC!  Problem solved.  PERIOD.

I am extremely appreciative for this gym along with the direction provided by both Roseanne and Lauryn.  Their commitment and dedication to TFC is just the ‘icing on the cake’.  Not only do I get all my individual needs met as a member of TFC, I also belong to a great organization that delivers quality services AND support.  And an added bonus is being able to be my usual loud,  goofy ‘self’ while I work up a sweat. 

So as much as I struggle with the cardio or express my frustrations about trying to accept my limitations as my body ages, I am showing up multiple times a week for several classes because TFC is right for me.  For that, I am grateful to be recognized as Member of the Month. 

Thank you TFC for pushing me when I could not do it for myself; believing in my ability to do something, when I had my doubts; and listening to my frequent frustrations about weight management. 


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