February Member of the Month

How long a member:   July 2016

Favorite Class:  I absolutely love every aspect of TFC from 30 Minutes to Fit, TRX, Glute & Boot Camps, Weight and their newly added Barre and Yoga.

Testimonial:   I’m not disciplined when it comes to working out on my own. Since joining TFC – Rosanne, Lauryn and their staff are so encouraging and supportive that working out is no longer a chore. I have come a long way in the past 6 months with improved muscle tone, cardio and most important feeling healthier.  TFC has created an excellent environment with their variety of classes , creative and effective workouts designed for all levels and strength that meets everyone’s needs. All exercises are tailored to each individual – so no one is left behind. All TFC members are supportive of one another and it feels like one big family.  We have so much fun. I encourage everyone to give TFC a try – they have truly made a difference in my overall health.


Why we chose them to be member of month:    

Jodi is a long standing member who is dedicated to her fitness and health.  Throughout Jodi’s time at TFC she has been a positive role model for other members. She is always smiling even when the workout gets tough. Outside the gym, Jodi is a committed to her job as well as being a great mother and wife. Throughout Jodi’s life she has overcome great obstacles both physically and mentally and

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