January Member of The Month

Member of Month:   Haley Dodge

 How long a member:  October 2017  

 Favorite Class:   Pound

Why we chose them to be member of month:  We selected Haley as our January member of the month for numerous reasons.  When Haley joined TFC she had old injuries, including a knee she needed surgery on. This didn’t stop her from jumping in and doing what she could. Haley trained upper body and core until her surgery and got permission from her doctor to resume activity. From that point on Haley has been unstoppable towards her fitness goals. She jumped on board and did the 24 Day Challenge. From January until now Haley has made huge strides in her nutrition as well as physique. Haley lost over 8 lbs, 8 inches and 3% body fat. We can’t wait to see Haley continue to crush her goals!

What Haley has to Say –  I came to TFC nervous and with a bundle of issues. Along with my slew of autoimmune diseases and a hurt knee, I also had lost about 50% of my strength and feeling in my right side. I came with the hopes of maybe getting a little bit of it back and getting into better shape, what I got was so much more. I have regained almost 85-90% of my strength back on my right side and I have to admit my doctors are just as shocked as I am. Not only have Lauryn and Rosanne helped me to succeed through their vast knowledge, but also through their support and patience. On days where I was not at my best they helped me modify exercises and keep me motivated and positive. They have shown me that I am capable of so much more than I thought. I used to dread going to any gym, but I look forward to going to TFC every day. In TFC you will not only find amazing trainers and classes, but you will find the tools and motivation to better yourself, an endless support system, and a group of people that are genuinely excited to see you succeed. Going to TFC and teaming up with Lauryn and Rosanne in my journey to health is by far the best decision I have ever made and I appreciate them and what they do more than I can put into words.



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