January Member Of The Month

Monica Ayres – Member since 2016

Favorite Class: I love my daily dose of 30 minutes to Fit and I love Cardio and Core because it’s always a challenge (and who doesn’t love a chance to play on a trampoline?)

We selected Monica because she always has a positive “can do attitude”  She inspires others .  During the Diet Bet challenge, Monica went above and beyond to complete and win the challenge.   Although we love Monica’s enthusiasm in the gym,  we also strive to be  a facility that helps out in our community,  we were happy to have her step up and organize scarves for those in need this winter which was a huge success and we are excited to do it again.

Monica’s testimonial for TFC:    I have never been a gym person. I don’t like people watching me exercise and I don’t like the competition and judgment that inevitably goes along with working out publicly.  Then I joined TFC and realized that Rosanne and Lauryn had cultivated an environment in which each person does their best, is not judged for what their best is, is respected for their effort, and in which there is absolutely no competition. While I love the work outs and the changes in my body (I will forever be grateful for the muscle definition I have in all my wedding pictures) I really love the environment at the gym and the friends I’ve made here.  I’m reminded to laugh at myself when I can’t figure out how to do an exercise (which happens almost every class) and to push myself even when I feel like I can’t go on. The positivity at TFC comes not only from Lauryn and Rosanne, but from each of the incredible women I’ve had the pleasure of exercising with over the past few months. I am inspired by and grateful for each of you!



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