Member Of The Month – June

Member of Month:   Jennifer Checksfield


How long a member:  2017


Favorite Class:   My favorite class that’s hard because their are three that I love very much and that’s the 30 mins to fit, pound and Saturday’s weight class


Testimonial:  I’m very honored to have gotten the member of the month award because this will help me to be able to play more with my daughter to be in shape to be healthy and make a better lifestyle for me and my daughter. Joining this class has made me to be more involved in working out and enjoy going to the gym and getting a good workout and sweat in and has helped me to eating better and having the support from you guys as well as the other girls help me to push myself more and harder. So thank you for this opportunity I appreciate and continue to succeed and become better and stronger 


Why we chose them to be member of month:    We selected Jen as member of the month due to her commitment to achieve her fitness goals.   Jen won a one month membership in Jan 2017, and decided to continue her weight loss journey from there. 
Jen is always up for a challenge and is ready to push herself during our classes. 

Being a mom it is always easy to find a reason not to exercise, however Jen manages this perfectly!   If daycare for Nevaeh is an issue, Jen brings her along for a little mother daughter workout. 

Jen is a positive, determined person who we are lucky to have at TFC.



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