Fat vs Muscle

fat vs muscleDid you every hear someone say “muscle weights more then fat” ?  When you heard that did you say “oh interesting”, or did you stop to think about that statement,  ” hmmm how can that be an ounce is an ounce, a pound is a pound no matter what the substance is?”

Well I would like to try to shed some light on this statement.  If you are one of the people who said, that statement makes no sense then you are correct.  

I think perhaps where these lines got blurred and the misunderstanding is not in the pounds and ounce portion as people say,  but in the matter itself.  Ounce for ounce, pound for pound, fat and muscle weights exactly the same.  However there a difference in the density of these two substances.  

Picture fat as a mixture of cottage cheese and jello, now picture your muscles as lean pieces of steak.  The cottage cheese and jello is  big and squishy.  The steak is firm dense and tight.  So when you exercise and you begin to turn the fat into muscle, it now takes up less room in the body.  Due to the fact that it is denser and tighter.  This is what helps you lose inches.  

So to sum this up, fat and muscle weights the same, but muscle takes up less room in the body.  Sometimes people will notice that the scale is remaining the same, they are not losing any weight, but yet the same pant they work last week that were snug are now lose. That’s because they turned some of the fat into muscle.

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