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What do you  think of when you hear peppermint essential oil?  Headache relief comes to my mind.  Put a little dab on your temples and soon your headache is gone.   It wasn’t until recently that I discover another use for this great smelling awesome essential oil.


I suffered for weeks with shoulder pain, I knew I did something in to it in the gym but I was not sure exactly what I did.   I tried going for a massage,  I had several appointments with the Chiropractor,  I would see some relief for a short time and then the pain would return.  It started to impact every aspect of my life.   My range of  motion diminished  and the simple task of lifting my arm or putting it behind my back would send searing pain down my arm.     I was not able to workout, I was even finding it more difficult to train my clients as I could not lift any weights with my right arm , pushing a vacuum was almost impossible  (although that was not such a bad thing). Simple tasks were painful.  


While waiting for my doctors appointment I decided to try another set of natural healing remedies.  I knew I had inflammation in my shoulder so I picked Arnica oil to help with that.  Arnica can  be taken internally with Arnnica pellets  or you can buy arnica oil to use topically.  I chose the oil so I could rub it all over my shoulder and arm.   I then got out my bottle of peppermint oil which is really good for muscle knots and tension.  I added some of this to the same area. 


Now as I said this “injury” bothered me for about 6 weeks.  Several hours after using the combination of the 2 oils I could then feel that it was not a joint injury but rather muscles knots and muscles spasms throughout my shoulder arm and rhomboids. 

I continued to use the oils by day 2 I could feel a difference, by day 4 it was almost normal and by day 7, I was  back 100%.

These 2 oils were a lifesaver for me.  So the next time you hear peppermint essential oil, think 

Muscle Relaxer

Headache Remedy

Promotes Alertness

Soothe Digestive issues

Freshens Breath

Make sure that when purchasing essential oils that you spend a little more and purchase Theraputic grade as these are pure and more potent than the the non therapeutic.  I use Doterra Essential Oils.  

As for the Arnica   if you are not into the flowery smell give Topricin a try.  It is all natural, no smell and made with Arnica oil and their sports cream is amazing!  


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