Welcoming in 2016

if not now

The Holiday hustle and bustle is over and we are settling into 2016.


So many of us may feel so comfortable under our big sweaters and many layers, We love eating comfort food on the cold winters nights like creamy soups and stews, mac and cheese, warm hearty foods.


During these next few months we sort of hibernate, we don’t go out in the evenings nearly as much because it is cold and dark, We tend to watch more movie or sit and read more books in our nice warm homes.


All of this sounds really nice right? Well yes!

Until April gets here and we need to shed our layers, wear short sleeves shirts, and then yes think about the dreaded shorts and bathing suits!


Now is the time to start thinking ahead to spring ,(if you are like us, we cant wait for it to be here.) Starting preparing now, so when you are ready to shed your layers you feel comfortable and confident with what you see in the mirror.

Maybe you just need to tone up, or you may want to make small changes your eating habit, maybe you want to lose weight. Now is time to set those goals, make small goals each week, leading up to your larger one.


  • Change one food a week
  • Walk more each day
  • Add more water each day working towards at least 64 oz
  • Follow our monthly challenges (this month 50 push ups a day)
  • Join a gym (hopefully TFC)
  • Hire one of  our Trainers, it is very affordable and worth the money
  • Join our nutrition group
  • Join TFC’s group fitness


These are just some of the small things you can do now that will make a big difference come April!

Stop by or give a call and talk to us, we have great packages and solutions to fit everyone’s goals.

We are a small studio conveniently located on Albany/Ulster Ave in Kingston.






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