Spring Into Summer

Join The Fitness Connection in our Spring Into Summer challenge.   

What you can expect:  

We are dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness potential.  We realize that each person is unique and therefore so should their nutrition and workout plans. We design plans based on the individuals needs and goals.  Our Challenge is no different.


 By joining our Spring Challenge you will get the following:  

  1.  Recipe book –  packed with good nutritious drinks, snacks and meals
  2. 3 Weigh Ins –  one in the beginning of challenge one in the middle and one at the end
  3. Fitness Test – We selected a few exercise that we will test each participant on in the beginning of the challenge and then again at the end.
  4. Exercise accountability –  We will hold you accountable for coming to group fitness classes, weekend workouts and different workout challenges that we will give you through out the challenge.
  5. Before and After Pictures – We will ask each person to come into The Fitness Connection to have their photos taken, these will be used for comparisons at the end of challenge.
  6. Weekly Goals – Each week we will post on our Commit To Fit page, a goal that you must attain during the week.  This could be 50 push ups a day,  walk a mile a day or many others.
  7. Tips and Tricks – We share some tips and tricks that we and other fitness enthusiast find works for them.
  8. Picnic – We will have a picnic at the end of the challenge for all participants.
  9. T-Shirt – Sport your challenge t-shirt with pride!

Sign up today!  To join our classes you can sign up for a monthly membership!Spring 2016 Challenge

To make the challenge even better – The winner will receive a mini makeover day!




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