Not just strong, Woman Strong

When you hear the word “Strong” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s competitive athletes, working out or someone who can endure a lot physically and mentally. 

Maybe when you hear the word strong your mom comes to mind. How she raised you and how she always seemed to get it right even when she thought she was failing.

Strong may look different to different people. Woman Strong is a celebration of women everywhere and all of the struggles, triumphs and strengths we endure through life.

For those of you who don’t know, I recently gave birth to my second son. Saving you a lot of detail (and time), my first son was an emergency c section. Throughout my second pregnancy I had made up my mind that I wanted to attempt a Vbac. The night I went into labor my husband and I drove to the hospital with my mom following behind. When we arrived at the hospital we had a female nurse on duty as well as a midwife. I had a quick labor but through every contraction our nurse and my mom (Rosanne) stood by my side, rubbed my back and encouraged me through the process. When I was ready to deliver my son our midwife came in and 15 minutes later Jack William was born. Of course, I felt empowered and strong. However, thinking about it now if it wasn’t for my mom, our nurse and midwife I wouldn’t have made it through. My husband was there, and supportive but having such strong and inspirational women encourage me and help me push through (literally) made all the difference.

How many women do you know in your life that are strong? Maybe they can’t squat 135 lbs, but maybe they can lead a classroom of 35 ten year olds through a lesson plan. Maybe they can’t make it through a marathon but they can make it through a week of cooking, cleaning and caring for their family. Women all around us are taking a deep breath and pushing through life. Pushing through their workout, accomplishing an athletic goal, graduating college, bringing children into the world, taking the lead in the workplace and all around being awesome.

Strength can be built in the gym, from circumstances and through our daily struggles. Just like a hard exercise class we believe if you put in the work, it will be worth it in the end. We believe in empowering women, building strong and healthy moms, daughters and friends. Being strong mentally and emotionally is equally important as being strong physically. Physical activity, a nutritious diet and a supportive atmosphere can help build a strong woman inside and out. This is what we are all about. 

Here at TFC, we see you, and we celebrate you. Every success, every struggle, every strength you have. You are strong. Woman Strong.

Author: Lauryn Strickland 

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