Memorial Day Picnics YUM


Author – Rosanne Kaznowski

Being a personal trainer and gym owner, I hear all the time from clients that they blew their “diet” at the picnic, birthday party, holiday’s etc. 

For starters, one day of bad eating will not sabotage your whole healthy lifestyle.  It will probably make you feel blah or even a little sick. But you will not have any serious setbacks.

However we all would be much happier if we could stick to some type of healthy eating even when we are faced with the potato salads, burgers, beer and a variety of delicious picnic foods.

Whether you are counting macros, using a building block for a meal plan, journaling your food or just begin a little more cautious about what you eat you want to take some measures not to  go all out because you are eating out!    A few tips and tricks we share with our clients to help them not over indulge to much, would looks something like this.

 Plan ahead, eat a healthy breakfast.  Maybe something a little on the lighter side with a few less carbs and fats.  Eat your protein though. 

Offer to bring a snack or a main dish.  Make something you like and know you can eat.

Drink plenty of water.

Before leaving for the picnic, eat a snack, something with some carbs and protein which will keep you full longer.  This way you are not hungry when you get there and it will be easier to make better choices.

Drink some more water.  Did you know that there are times that you may think you are hungry, but really you are dehydrated and thirsty? 

So now you have arrived at the picnic, you walk in and the first thing your host does is ask if you want a drink?  You think yes I would like an iced cold beer, but probably ice water is a better choice.     Have that beer, but choose wisely if you are going for that beer, make it a light.  Wine?  Pick Chablis or a red wine, these are lower in carbs. Vodka and soda is also a great one to have.  Stay away from sugary drinks, like daiquiris and Kahlua and milk.  That being said.  Limit the amount of alcoholic beverages that you have.  I don’t know about you, but a drink makes me want to snack.  So be aware.

You have your drink and you looking for a place to sit.  Do yourself a favor and do not sit right next to the table of snacks.  Pick a seat father away.  If you sit right by all of those yummy snacks, you will eat mindlessly while chatting and enjoying your drink.  I know I do!

Drink some water!

Ok so far you have been here an hour or so, and have not done terribly with your eating.  Maybe you had a few chips and pepperoni and some humus and veggies.   Go You!!

Now they put out all the “real” food.  The salads, burgers, dogs, kielbasa the foods just keeps on coming. 

Before you start loading your plate with each food on your way through the buffet line, do a walk though of the table of food that has been put out,  before you start putting stuff on your plate.  Know what your host has to offer.    Once you have seen everything that is there you can choose more wisely.  When we don’t know what is up ahead we tend to take more food then we really want.

So you ate a hamburger with a bun, tasted a few of the different salads, and had a deviled egg.   

Not bad!

Drink some more water! 

Your host knows a party is not complete without some yummy desserts.  Chocolate chip cookies, s’mores, ice cream, and that tray of little cakes.    you may sit there and say I am not eating that.  OMG  they have chocolate chip cookies!  Have one…. Yes ONE.  It is ok, don’t feel guilty.  Eat it.  Chances are if you really want it and don’t have it.  Tomorrow you will binge on something that is worse than that cookie. 

So maybe you didn’t eat perfect.  Maybe you had a beer or 2.  But you enjoyed the day without over doing it too much! 

That is you living a healthy lifestyle and that is the difference between being on a diet and living healthy!

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