Inflammation and You


Everyone has experienced some type of inflammation, whether it is achy muscles,  a small cut on your finger or an infection.  However this differs from chronic inflammation which can be very harmful to your body.


“Chronic inflammation can lead to certain types of cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and Alzheimer.   The causes of chronic inflammation can vary from person to person, but include being overweight, experiencing a lot of stress, lifestyle choices such as; smoking, lack of exercise a sedentary lifestyle and lack of sleep.”


The foods we choice can lead to inflammation in our bodies. However,  Eating lots fruit and veggies, whole grains, lean meats, omega 3 fatty acids, can have anti inflammatory affects on the body.   When we eat properly our bodies are able to heal itself quicker, which means less inflammation. 


Some of the foods that you want to avoid are the following;  Trans fats, sugars, white bread, alcohol, red meat, excessive dairy, and gluten.  I am sure there are some that I forgot to mention.    

I know I mentioned alcohol above, however I find one of the worst alcohols is beer, not only does it have the alcohol factor but is is loaded with gluten.  


So if you feel you may be on a bad path, which could be leading to chronic inflammation, then start slow, but start…. add into your life some exercise (even a brisk walk) cutting out or even cutting down on some of the foods that feed your inflammation and adding some more veggies to your diet.  Talk to your doctor and ask him/her what you should do. 


The Fitness Connection has a large assortment of exercise packages and we offer nutritional consulting, we also offer these services online!   If you feel you could use a little help and guidance, give us a call.







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