Member of the Month – July

Member of the Month – July


Member of Month:   Amber Shaver


How long a member:  2016


Favorite Class:   Totally Tabata!


Testimonial:   Testimonial: For years I tried different gyms, running outside, at home DVDs and the list goes on. Not until I joined The Fitness Connection did I start noticing progress. When I say progress I mean physically and mentally.  With the help of TFC I am able to live a balanced life style no ” well I can’t have that ice cream I’m on a diet” instead, ” yeah I can have an ice cream because I ate so well all day and worked my butt off.” I tell everyone about ” my” gym because it’s awesome! Leaving work going to the gym is no longer a drag. The trainers and the women I workout with have become so close! Everyone supports one another and I truly think that’s why I am so motivated. I love The Fitness Connection. I say this all the time, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. 


Why we chose them to be member of month:    We selected Amber to be our July member of the month for numerous reasons! From the time Amber joined TFC she has always had an upbeat and positive attitude. No matter what life throws at her she has a smile on her face and is ready to work hard. TFC is currently running a challenge and Amber was selected to be a team captain. She has gone above and beyond making sure her team is motivated, ready to work and achieving their goals. Even when we are not in classes Amber is checking up on her team mates and sending them encouraging messages. We have not only been able to watch Amber grow as a leader but we have watched her body physically change over the last few months. Great work Amber and keep striving toward your goals!!