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Veggies on the Go

We offer a full range of nutrition consulting.  We can assist you to change your eating habits, still  eat all the things you love, without over indulging or binge eating.  Our philosophy is eating in moderation.  We will give you the support you need, and adjust your calories, carbs, fats and proteins to assist you losing weight or gaining weight. 

Not sure of what food is good for you?

Let us help you.  We can come into your home  and clean out your pantry,or we can go shopping with you to help you to learn the right foods to buy, or perhaps you would like both.  

We offer online nutritional counseling, facebook support groups and workout plans that you can do on your own.  We also have packages for the person who wants to be with us and have us coach them in person.  You decide what fits into your life the best. 

We have food apps that will help keep you on track and help you to decide what foods to eat.


Everyone needs some type of supplements and we have those 2.  Our product line is Advocare they offer many different types of supplements. 

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