Member of the Month – April

Member of Month:     Lee-Anne LeMay Wojcio

 How long a member:   September 2015

 Favorite Class: Personal Training and Trainers Choice


Testimonial: Personal training sessions at TFC have changed my entire life. The hard work and determination that I have learned have enabled me to become a stronger, healthier and more confident woman. Looking back to when I began, and where I am now amazes me. It also shows me, at age 55, that it is never too late to take good care of your body and spirit. As I continue my journey at TFC, exploring organized classes, I look forward to working hard with people who make it so easy.

 Why we chose them to be member of month:   

Lee-Anne joined TFC in September 2015 looking to build up strength. Lee-Anne has Paget-Schroetter Disease, which is a medical condition in which blood clots form in the deep veins of her arms. She had major surgery resulting in an extremely week upper body which caused her many limitations.  She could not lift her arm over her head.  Lee-Anne has been training at TFC where she works with personal trainer and gym owner Rosanne Kaznowski. She has now gained a tremendous amount of strength, gained much better knowledge on nutrition and has become a healthier and stronger version of herself. Not only has Lee-Anne grew stronger she has become more confident in all areas of her life.

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