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Group Fitness Classes

12733366_10153305423387651_2116511094689591604_nSome of The Fitness Connection Group Fitness Classes are listed below.  See our Calendar of classes for times and day



30 Minutes To Fit: During the class you will work with free weights, medicine balls, stability balls, resistance bands and your own body for a total body workout. 


Glute Camp: Get your BUTT in gear! Literally! This 45 minute workout will tighten and tone overall but the main focus will be on the lower body, targeting thighs and glutes.


Yoga: Perfect for the individual who wants to tighten up and stretch out. This 45 minute class will work total body strength while incorporating stretching and relaxation throughout.


TRX Class: With the use of TRX bands you will push and pull your body through a full workout. Don’t be intimidated, the class is low resistance on the body while offering a wide range of exercises to help you reach your goals. 


Tabata: Think SWEAT. Run, Jump and Spin your way to a better body. With the use cardio equipment and your own body you will torch calories, improve your cardiovascular endurance and work your core.


Exercising for 2:  According to ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) the benefits of Prenatal Exercise Include:
 Cardio Respiratory Health   Musculoskeletal Health   Physical Wellbeing   Psychological Wellbeing
and benefits in Labor and Delivery


Each class can be taken separately or you can join with our monthly membership and take all the classes, all the time. 

With our membership plan you also receive open gym times to come in and work on your own.


Incorporate these classes with our personal training sessions where you will get one on one attention to help you achieve your fitness/health goals.





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