To Cheat Or Not To Cheat

To Cheat or Not To Cheat

Are you consistent with your eating all week long, but feel like you go off the deep end on the weekends?  Does going out to eat becomes a free for all, where you give yourself permission to eat and drink anything you want?  
Join the thousands of Americans who have the same issues.   
We here at  TFC know how easy it is to fall into this trap Lauryn and I have both been there, but  as the saying goes it is mind over matter.  
So the first thing is to change the way you think about your weekends.  Weekends for many are a time to relax, get together with friends, have dinner and a few drinks out.   That does not have to equate to binge eating and drinking. You can enjoy your time with friends, have an awesome dinner and even a drink or two and still maintain your health and fitness goals.  

Here are few tips to get you started thinking about a healthier way to go about your weekends.  

1.   Weekends are not about food. Many of us associate those two things together in our minds.  If this is your way of thinking, you will need to start separating the 2 things.  For an example, start thinking of weekends as fun and relaxing.  the quicker you can get  in your mind that weekends are not meant to over indulge, the easier and more fun each weekend will become.  You will start to think of fun things that you and your family and friends can  do rather than where you are going to eat.

2.  When you do find yourself in a restaurant you are going to want to consciously make a good choice that is still satisfying  and healthy.  Don’t feel like you have to have a salad.  Instead, ask for things with sauces on the side, look for non deep fried items, skip the bread basket if your meal has a pasta or potato with it. 

3. Stop eating before you feel full.  Once you eat to that point you will definitely feel stuffed and have over eaten.  

4. Ask for a to go container when getting your meal, and put half your meal in the container prior to eating.  This way you will not over eat. 

5.  When choosing an alcoholic beverage, skip the sweet syrupy drinks and go for the light beer or a vodka and soda.  

These are just a few things that we share with our clients at TFC.  We  hope that this will lead you to healthier and happier weekend.  

Should you want to talk more or get some more health and fitness tips.  Click the button below, and Lauryn or Rosanne would be happy to talk to you.