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Each month TFC picks a member that deserves recognition.

Member of The Month – November

Member of Month:   Julie Resso    How long a member:  Feb 2016   Favorite Class:   I really enjoy doing the NIA class.  Testimonial:  A friend of mine recently said to me that consistency is everything!  For the first time in my life I am paying attention to me. I am starting to feel better about […]

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Member of The Month – August

Member of Month:   Jessica Scheffel   How long a member:  June 2016   Favorite Class: 30 Minutes To Fit     Testimonial: Joining TFC was the best decision I’ve made when it comes to my health and personal well-being. TFC has changed my love for fitness in so many ways. These women are so knowledge […]

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Member of the Month – July

  Member of Month:   Amber Shaver   How long a member:  2016   Favorite Class:   Totally Tabata!   Testimonial:   Testimonial: For years I tried different gyms, running outside, at home DVDs and the list goes on. Not until I joined The Fitness Connection did I start noticing progress. When I say progress I mean physically […]

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Member of the Month – May

Member of Month:   Joann Lombardi  How long a member:   June 2016   Why we chose them to be member of month:    We chose Joann to be our May member of the month because she is always in the RED ZONE! Joann always gives 100% physically and mentally when she steps into the gym. From the […]

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Member Of The Month – June

Member of Month:   Jennifer Checksfield   How long a member:  2017   Favorite Class:   My favorite class that’s hard because their are three that I love very much and that’s the 30 mins to fit, pound and Saturday’s weight class   Testimonial:  I’m very honored to have gotten the member of the month award […]

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