Author:  Rosanne Kaznowski

This morning I had the privilege of training 11 strong women each one of them came to us with their own goals.   Some wanted to be better at their sport, to feel better, to be stronger, to be healthier, to look better.   I made  my word of the day to these women Be Empowered! 

One woman chest pressed 60lb, did 150 push-ups, along with various other exercises by the time we were done she felt strong and yes she felt empowered,

 Another woman measured in this morning and after 3 weeks of working out lost several pounds and several inches, she left the gym feeling very confident and very strong.

Another girl had been on vacation for 10 days came back today to get her workout in she was feeling weak but by the end of her session she felt good about herself, she felt strong, she felt like she was back on track, she felt empowered.

Looking at each one of these women at the end of my morning I realized how hard they all worked how strong they all were not just physically and how they each accomplish something significant.  As their personal trainer this made me feel very blessed that I was able to help each of them feel empowered. 

No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around!

We all are not just strong Women Strong!