Memorial Day Picnics  YUM

Memorial Day Picnics YUM


Author – Rosanne Kaznowski

Being a personal trainer and gym owner, I hear all the time from clients that they blew their “diet” at the picnic, birthday party, holiday’s etc. 

For starters, one day of bad eating will not sabotage your whole healthy lifestyle.  It will probably make you feel blah or even a little sick. But you will not have any serious setbacks.

However we all would be much happier if we could stick to some type of healthy eating even when we are faced with the potato salads, burgers, beer and a variety of delicious picnic foods.

Whether you are counting macros, using a building block for a meal plan, journaling your food or just begin a little more cautious about what you eat you want to take some measures not to  go all out because you are eating out!    A few tips and tricks we share with our clients to help them not over indulge to much, would looks something like this. Read more