It’s All About Choices



Sometimes we think we are doing great…..

As personal trainers we hear it all the time from clients.  “I eat healthy, I don;t understand why I can’t loose weight!”  Sometimes what we think is healthy is far from it.  We think that salad is so much healthier for us than that delicious burger we are craving.  Well sometimes a burger is just a burger, but what hidden calories are lurking in our healthy salad?   We have to pay attention to all the hidden things, like is the chicken fried instead of grilled, is there cheese, which adds calories and fat, and then how about the salad dressing? Have you ever looked at the calories and fat that are in some of those? 
Think of  what you drink, that also pays a roll in our daily consumption of calories, unless it is water that you are consuming. 
Eating out can be tricky because you really don’t know how much oils and sodium is in what you are ordering.  Is the meat lean?  These things are not a problem if you eat out  once in a while, but if lunch is from a restaurant almost every day, this can impede the goals you are tying to reach.
What condiments do you use?  Do you love butter? Do you taste foods while preparing them, but don’t think of them as part of your daily intake?  

We ask our clients to download an app like My Fitness Pal, or Lose It  and track the foods they eat for a week. Then we sit down with then and take a look at how they did.  We always encourage people to eat things that they enjoy, I mean isn’t  that what 
life is about! However, eating those things is moderation is the best practice.  

If you are confused with labels, how many calories are right for you, or understanding Macro-nutrients, then schedule your FREE 30 minute consult with us!